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I was born in Biella in 1966. In 1980 I moved to Verona and began my agricultural studies, while at the same time practicing farming on my family’s land in Valpantena. In 1988 I relocated back to Biella to spend a short period at Prestoleasing Spa, now Generalfinance Spa, founded by my father Armando, with the aim of restructuring it.

This was the beginning of a very long period during which I was in charge, as Managing Director, of converting the financial activity from leasing and consumer lending to factoring addressed to enterprises without bank credit and in temporary difficulties.

In 1995, I opened the capital of Generalfinance to the entry of two large industrial groups from Biella: Lanificio Luigi Botto S.p.A. and Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia S.p.A. A fundamental operation to support the organizational development of Generalfinance in the captive factoring business, a springboard for the subsequent entry into the Lombard and then Italian markets and in the path of specialization in distressed.

Starting in 2005, I also dedicated myself to starting a totally innovative wine-hotel project: La Collina dei Ciliegi – winery 4.0 and the eco-resort Ca’ del Moro Wine Retreat opened in 2018.

In 2013, I gave life to the “CLUB SkyLounge VIP la Collina dei Ciliegi” inside the San Siro stadium in Milan: for the first time shows such as football and concerts can be watched live from a place where great wines meet the cuisine of starred chefs. During these years, new enduring professional relationships were cemented. 

In 2015 I founded GGH – Gruppo General Holding Srl, and paid off the industrial partners. Generalfinance becomes the “Business Clinic,” still unique in the European market.

In 2017, I open Generalfinance’s capital to the entry of Credito Valtellinese S.p.A. – later merged into Crédit Agricole Italia S.p.A. Fundamental transaction to support Generalfinance’s growth and aim for IPO. 

In 2018, I launched the “Supervalpantena” project: 23 Ha of innovative IGT vineyards that complement the 8 Ha of traditional DOC vineyards.

In 2020, I founded Advini Italia Spa, a joint venture with the French group AdVini Sa. A strategic partnership that is articulated in several assets: the positioning of the fine wines of La Collina dei Ciliegi in the horeca channels in more than a hundred countries, where AdVini is also present through investee distribution companies, the distribution in Italy of French and South African high-end wines including Maison ChampyAntoine Moueix Properties Bordeaux and Ken Forrester Vineyards Sud Africa and the acquisition of Italian wineries.

In 2022, I inspire and participate the foundation of ‘Rete Valpantena‘, a network for the valorisation and promotion of the food and wine production and offerings of an unique territory, highly focused on the quality in all of its expressions, and which sees the collaboration between Agricola PernigoAngelini Wines & EstatesCosta ArenteLa Collina dei Ciliegi and Ca’ del Moro Wine RetreatRipa della Volta and Ristorante La Cru with Villa Balis Crema at the starting line. A project that was born from discussions with six other visionary entrepreneurs like me who, in proudly sharing their belonging to the Valpantena area, have put together a medium- and long-term action strategy to develop territorial identity projects capable of involving an increasingly broader public in Italy and abroad.

That same year I opened the capital of La Collina dei Ciliegi to a small circle of enlightened investors through Club Deal Lcdc Srl.

On June 29, 2022, I rang the bell to start trading Generalfinance S.p.A. shares on the Euronext Milan market, STAR segment. The debut on Euronext STAR Milan represents the achievement of a dream for my entrepreneurial journey and the addition of a fundamental step  for Generalfinance, strengthening the growth path that the company has undertaken since its inception. The public listing comes exactly 40 years after its founding: a symbolic milestone that proves the goodness of the results achieved so far and that, at the same time, inaugurates a new season, projecting the company to new and ambitious horizons.

On September 19, 2022, Meregalli Giuseppe Spa, the holding company of the Meregalli Group, enters the capital of Advini Italia Spa, which is transformed into AMC Vini Spa (Advini – Meregalli – Collina) realizing at the time of incorporation a first and important concrete step, giving birth to Duomo 18 Srl that will manage the new Wine & Business Club “Duomo 18” in Piazza Duomo in Milan. When we started Advini Italia in 2020 I said I had always been convinced of the trump card represented by the ability to team up between the champions of the world’s two historic production leaders, Italy and France. But one piece was missing: the entry into the capital of the JV of the leader in high-end wine distribution in Italy.

In 2023 Generalfinance S.p.A. participates in the creation of MIT Partners: the new investment holding company founded with Giorgio Bruno, Alessandro Nasi and Stefano Ferraro; Luca Villa CEO. The “Enterprise Clinic” opens a new ” Unit” for companies in need of care: direct support in capital accompanied by great industrial expertise. “Health Factoring” is born.

In September 2023, Generalfinance participates in the “Relaunch and Development” fund. Initiative, since its inception, inspired with the aim of supporting businesses and jobs of companies in temporary difficulty, together with Piedmont Region, Finpiemonte and Finint Investments, Padua and Rovigo Foundation, Veronatre Foundation, and the banks Banca Valsabbina, Banca d’Alba, and Banca Alpi Marittime.

So many new objectives and extraordinary operations are underway.

My strength is my team!

In the life of an entrepreneur, there are daily challenges; they are like peaks for an alpinist. They fill you of joy, adrenaline and enthusiasm, sometimes they leave you healthy scars. The book an entrepreneur writes every day is filled with pages telling difficulties, problems solved, mistakes, opportunities and successes, sometimes as big as Everest.

I believe the most important challenge of my life has been to be able to write ‘my book of mistakes’ and use it daily to grow personally and to make my team and my businesses grow.

The ingredients I have developed over the course of my long entrepreneurial journey that have allowed me to go beyond my limits are: heart, passion, hard and constant commitment, dedication, tenacity, humility, honesty, determination, patience, open-mindedness, willingness to change, listening skills, respect for the others, team spirit and the willingness to surround myself with capable people I can trust. 

I have many blessings! I have a wonderful family; I have a lot of fun and I still have a lot to learn.


My charges

    • Generalfinance > CEO

    • La Collina dei Ciliegi > President and CEO

    • Generalbroker > Vice President

    • Rete Valpantena > Vice President

    • Duomo 18 > President

    • Assifact > Counselor

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Factoring to SMEs

Distressed companies

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